Can ordinary email be secure? Yes, with Transport Layer Security (TLS)!

I had an interesting dialog with Michael B. of ThemeFusion support. (ThemeFusion is the developer of our much-loved Avada theme for WordPress.) It was centered around whether or not it was OK (i.e. secure) to send administrator passwords via email. I contended it wasn't and he contended it was. It turns out we were both right, [...]

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How to Clear a Malware Infection in Your Browser – The “PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED” Case Study

The Story for Site Visitors Here's how the story of a malware infection plays out for visitors. Webmasters, I have a special section for you, below. The Problem Recently, a client reported that a number of visitors to their site were seeing all sorts of scary popups with messages such as: "This page says: PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" [...]

Sweat the Small Stuff: How Semantic Nudges Can Humanize Your Website

The slideshow Sweat the Small Stuff: How Semantic Nudges Can Humanize Your Website by Jonathan Rick is a great reminder that there are all sorts of places on our websites where we can show more empathy with our visitors. Error pages, newsletter sign-ups, unsubscribes and more. Here's one of my favorites... This reminds me of [...]

Attack of the Spam Bots!

USE CAUTION: Don't let this happen to you! You heard it right, there have been recent reports of Spam Bot attacks! Spam Bots have been registering to DNN websites, creating accounts, and flooding their profiles with links to boost their SEO. Spam Bot victims estimate between 20 to 50 spam accounts being created on a [...]

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Website

It's May and you know what that means, Spring Cleaning! Now roll up your sleeves, put on your rubber gloves, and grab that duster! You'll be fully equipped to tackle your website's Spring Cleaning after reading this checklist: Broken Links: There's nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link and seeing that ugly "404 Error: [...]

10 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Shock You

I've come up with a list of 10 mobile marketing statistics that will blow your mind. Let's dive right in! If your mobile site isn't working correctly, 46% of those who visited your site will NEVER return again. (Source: Anchor Mobile) 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. (Source: Convince&Convert) In [...]