Hello, we’re Larry and Vickie of Holy Cow Online Marketing.

We’re here because we are passionate about helping businesses create a website that connects with their customers to establish a long and prosperous relationship. We also want to help businesses overcome the roadblocks and frustrations that stand in their way of achieving this result.

We know what it is like to spend hours on your website and still not achieve the results you want.

We know what it’s like to long for the days where you log in to your Google Analytics account and see an increase in visitors to your site. Better yet, an increase in the time those visitors spent on your site. We also know what it is like to feel frustrated and a little annoyed when you receive inquiries from non-prospects and feel discouraged when you wonder why your hard work isn’t paying off. Most of all, we know what it is like to feel disheartened to see your competitors succeed in the same market.

That is why we are here to help you stand out amongst your competitors and give you a website your business can be proud of.

We’ll help you create engaging content to connect with your customers and make them intrigued enough to explore your website and keep them coming back. We’ll help you increase your exposure, establish credibility, and make your website more attractive and appealing to acquire new leads. We’re here to help you put away your worries and your fears and help your business prosper.

It wasn’t long ago that we too had a difficult time connecting with our potential customers despite the amount of time or energy we put in.

We spent an excessive amount of time making over the look and feel of our website, trying new ideas we came up with in brainstorming sessions, and focusing on the product and service we were offering, only to come to the harsh reality that our numbers weren’t improving. We weren’t generating more leads or traffic to our website and those that did come to our website quickly left. We felt confused, overworked, and unappreciated.

Then we discovered a way to connect with our ideal customer and establish a long and prosperous relationship.

Through empathetic marketing, we were able to develop a deeper understanding of our ideal customer. We suddenly knew their thoughts, their goals, their frustrations and roadblocks that have kept them from reaching those goals, as well as their pain, worries, and fears. Now, we could speak to them on a deeper level. We could empathize with them, connect with them, and build their trust in us.

This deeper connection is what has helped us stand out amongst our competitors and have helped us create engaging content, build our credibility, help others, and do the very same for our client’s businesses.

And now we want to help you get the same results.

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