We charge $120/hour for our services. We bill to the nearest minute, so if something takes us 2 minutes, your bill is just $4. We strive to deliver excellent value for our clients by working hard to make every minute count. Any expenses for materials and third-party services (e.g. themes, plugins, domain registration, website hosting, ads, etc.) are billed in addition to our time. Each month you will receive a detailed report of the time spent on your project as well as any expenses.


We bill clients monthly (usually on the 1st of the month). For large projects, we may bill mid-monthly as well. Invoices are due 14 days after delivery. We reserve the right to stop work on projects for clients with any outstanding overdue invoices.

For projects where we’ve given you an estimate, we will never exceed the estimated price without speaking to you first and getting your approval. We actually love to come in under budget if we can.

For new clients and select large projects, once we have your approval for our estimate and receive a mutually agreed upon downpayment, we will begin work on the project.

New client sites are required to enroll in our Monthly Maintenance Plan. This assures that your site is professionally backed up, monitored, updated and protected on a regular, on-going basis.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or There’s No Charge

We take pride in our satisfied clients. If for any reason you are not happy with our work, please let us know in writing within 7 days of when the service was performed. We will either fix the problem to your satisfaction or refund any fees that you have paid for that service.

Rates, policies and guarantee are subject to change. Last updated: July 13, 2023.