Let Us Help You Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

Website Maintenance

Do have daily, offsite backups of your website?
Has your website software been updated lately?
Do you have security software protecting your site against hackers?
Would you know if your site was down?

Rather than worry about the vulnerability of your website in a world full of hackers, feel at ease knowing that your website is in great hands!

Put your mind to rest and enroll in our Monthly Maintenance Plan. We’ll worry about all that so you don’t have to.

What’s Included

  • WordPress, Plugin and Theme Updates: We’ll check monthly for any updates and upgrade your website to the latest version.

  • Backups: We will set up nightly, offsite backups of your website files and database. During monthly maintenance, we will verify backups are saved as expected.

  • Security: We will install security software to continuously monitor your website for hacking attempts and security update alerts. During monthly maintenance, we will review the security log and notify you if anything needs to be addressed.

  • Uptime Monitoring: We’ll get notified if your site ever goes down and alert you if there’s something we need to do.

  • Optimization: We’ll delete all spam comments and old post revisions (saving the latest revisions) so you’ll have less crud in your database. Then we’ll clean the database tables to reclaim the deleted space.

  • Timing of Maintenance: Except for urgent security updates, we will usually perform our scheduled maintenance mid-month at a time when it will not likely interfere with your daily business operations.
  • Detailed Report: We will email you after our scheduled website maintenance with an in-depth report about the health of your website including an overall summary and details about backups, updates, security and monitoring. We will also document any problems we see.

What’s Not Included

  • Cost of Updating Any Plugins: Some plugins require you to purchase their upgrade. We will always ask for your approval before purchasing any plugin upgrade. If approved, you will be invoiced for any paid upgrades (or you can pay for them directly).
  • Repairing Problems Due to Upgrades: If a problem is seen after a theme, plugin or WordPress upgrade and the problem is due to the upgrade itself, we will notify you. If you approve, we will work to fix the problem at our usual hourly rate. If you don’t approve, we will roll back the theme, plugin or website (at our discretion) to the previous working version at no charge to you. We will fix any problems attributable to us (not a theme, plugin or WordPress) during maintenance at no charge to you.
  • Addressing Security Issues: If the site is hacked or other security issues are found, we will notify you. If you approve, we will work to fix the problem at our usual hourly rate.
  • Content Updates: Updating the content of your website is not part of the monthly maintenance plan. We are happy to update content at our usual hourly rate.

Plan Requirements:

Your website must be on the current major version of WordPress. Need help figuring out what version you’re on? Contact us today and we’ll let you know!

If it’s not, we would be more than happy to upgrade your website to the current version of WordPress at our hourly rate, then enroll you in our Monthly Maintenance Plan.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If you are unhappy with the result of the website after it has been upgraded, we can either work at our hourly rate to fix the site after an upgrade (e.g. broken theme) or roll it back to the state it was in before the upgrade.


Quarterly$90 ($30/month)

Yearly $330 (one month FREE!)

You make your initial payment through our online store. After that, we’ll send you an invoice for quarterly or annual renewals.