Empathetic Marketing

I want you to take a moment and imagine what it would be like if visitors came to your website and were immediately drawn in.

They read your content, felt a connection, a spark and started to build trust in you and your company. You understand them. You know exactly what they’re going through, what their worries are and how to help them. They are hooked and search for your call to action. As a result, your traffic, leads, and sales increase. You feel confident, elated and relieved that your hard work is finally paying off.

We can help you get there. We can help you and your business prosper through empathetic marketing.

Empathetic marketing consists of creating content for your website that engages and connects with your “ideal customer”. We’ll help you create your “ideal customer” to know exactly who you are speaking to and empathizing with in all of your website content. You’ll know exactly what they’re thinking, what their goals are, what roadblocks are keeping them from reaching those goals, and their pain, worries, and fears. That way, when your target audience visits your site, they’ll be thinking “you’re just like me” and “it’s like they’re reading my mind”. Being able to empathize with your “ideal customer” will help you build their trust and stand out amongst your competitors.

We’ll be able to help you:


Connect with your audience


Stand out amongst your competitors


Reach your greatest potential

While working with us, you’ll benefit by:

  • Building trust with your target audience

  • Creating engaging content that keeps your visitors coming back

  • Building your business’s credibility

  • Acquiring new leads by increasing your exposure

  • Establishing a stronger identity

  • Standing out amongst your competitors

  • Spending more free time with your family and friends

  • Receiving extraordinary service from us, your professional team of custom website developers

Once we get started, we’ll work with you to:

  • Create your “ideal customer” and story to better connect with your target audience

  • Analyze your current website to identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Identify keywords that create a strong connection between your audience and your content

  • Set up Google Analytics to determine your baseline

  • Optimize web pages for your keywords to rank higher in search results

Online Marketing Consultation

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in our satisfied clients. If for any reason you are not happy with our work, please let us know within 7 days of when the work was performed. We will either fix the problem to your satisfaction or refund any fees that you have paid for that work.

For more details, please see our rates, policies and satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s what a couple of our clients had to say about us:

What’s important when you’ve got an emergency, need help or just have a question? A company that gets back to you promptly and gets you the results you need. That’s Holy Cow Online Marketing! And all the while, they’re pleasant and happy to get it done for you. Our website was updated about 3 years ago and we have enjoyed the positive feedback from prospects and customers. A big thank you to Holy Cow for making it all work and flow. Yes, call them!
Melissa Caldwell, Marketing Manager, Wright Builders, Inc.

The service of Holy Cow Online Marketing is truly exceptional. They not only met, but far exceeded my expectations both in terms of the quality of the results that I was looking for, as well as the speed in which they were able to implement solutions to the problems I was presenting them with.

Today, it is virtually impossible for any business to be successful without a proper, well-designed website.

The staff at Holy Cow Online Marketing really “gets it”. They know just what it means to be in business in today’s highly dynamic marketplace, and their quality, thoroughness, and speed reflects this.”

Joshua Schumer, Director, Jayadeva Yoga Schools