How to Clear a Malware Infection in Your Browser – The “PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED” Case Study

The Story for Site Visitors Here's how the story of a malware infection plays out for visitors. Webmasters, I have a special section for you, below. The Problem Recently, a client reported that a number of visitors to their site were seeing all sorts of scary popups with messages such as: "This page says: PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" [...]

Attack of the Spam Bots!

USE CAUTION: Don't let this happen to you! You heard it right, there have been recent reports of Spam Bot attacks! Spam Bots have been registering to DNN websites, creating accounts, and flooding their profiles with links to boost their SEO. Spam Bot victims estimate between 20 to 50 spam accounts being created on a [...]

2017-02-20T13:33:22-05:00By |Security, Website Development|

All You Need to Know is 1Password

Imagine a world where all you needed to remember was one password. One password to login and pay your bills online, one password to shop online to any of your favorite stores, one password to login to your bank's website and manage your finances... and it's safe. Yes, safe! I want to introduce you to [...]

2017-02-20T13:35:19-05:00By |Security|
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