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Our Valuable Team Members

Holy Cow Online Marketing Team

Larry Daniele

Owner & Website Architect

Larry practically invented website development.

Maybe not technically, but he has been building websites since 1996. He describes his relationship as “love at first site” and is thrilled to offer websites to our clients that are no longer “held hostage by webmasters”. Larry has that rare ability to understand complex technical concepts and explain them in simple terms to others. So having an amazing website based on today’s technology is within reach for all of us.

When Larry is not at the computer keyboard, you may find him at the piano keyboard. Or perhaps in the kitchen attempting to bake the “perfect loaf” of artisan bread from home-ground flour. He is married to a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant who keeps him happy and healthy. They have a brood of kids who are exceptionally good-looking and above average in every way ;-).

Contact Larry:

Email: Larry@HolyCowOnlineMarketing.com

Holy Cow Online Marketing Team

Steven Hoffman

Website Designer / Developer

Steven is a coding ninja.

He has twelve years of experience specializing in web/software systems that increase efficiency and productivity; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, MSSQL, MySQL; Mac, PC, Linux platforms and software. In other words, he’s a master in coding. Along with the coding, Steven has a keen eye for design. Combining those skill, he tastefully blends communicating information with an intuitive user experience.

When Steven is not behind his computer screen, you may find him at Lefty’s Brewing Company, brewing his award winning beer: the Hoffman’s Hefe. Or perhaps he’s remodeling homes, playing music, hiking, or spending time with family and friends.

Contact Steven:

Email: Steven@HolyCowOnlineMarketing.com