“What’s important when you’ve got an emergency, need help or just have a question? A company that gets back to you promptly and gets you the results you need. That’s Holy Cow Online Marketing! And all the while, they’re pleasant and happy to get it done for you. Our website was updated about 3 years ago and we have enjoyed the positive feedback from prospects and customers. A big thank you to Holy Cow for making it all work and flow. Yes, call them!”
Melissa Caldwell, Marketing Manager, Wright Builders, Inc.

I felt very pleased to work with Larry Daniele, who created a new website for my books on lucid dreaming, and two other websites. His experience and knowledge of WordPress impressed me, as he easily made changes to the pages (while under construction) and showed me important aspects to consider. Larry seemed very willing to listen to new ideas, make suggestions, re-do areas and improve the overall look and feel. He has a wonderful personality for this kind of detail and creative work, and it was a pleasure to work with him.

I wholeheartedly recommend Larry Daniele to others who are searching for web design at a reasonable price, WordPress assistance and software consultations.

Robert Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, Book Author and Speaker, LucidAdvice.com
“As a writer/ researcher, always operating on a tight budget to keep a website up and running is tough. For a number of years now, the folks at Holy Cow Online Marketing have helped me, both with direct support, and equally crucial, teaching me how to maintain the site myself.

Too often tech savvy folks seem unable to view problems from the users point of view. I’ve found both Larry and Laura able to hear my concerns and to help me sort out what I need. They explain what they will do, and do it rapidly and within the budget we’ve discussed. That alone is remarkable, but they also have the people skills to teach me how to maintain the site myself.

Holy Cow Online Marketing offers me a winning combination: plenty of tech savvy support, real attention to my needs, and the ability to teach me what I need to know to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital world. If you’re looking for honest value, reliable work and thoughtful support you’ll find it here.”

Roger Essley, Researcher / Writer, RogerEssley.com
“This is the second time that we have worked with Larry and his team. They are very knowledgeable and very helpful with technical stuff. I would strongly recommend them to any of our associates.”
Tyler Tomlinson, Vice President, Tomlinson Builders
“This is my first experience with making a website but it’s been such a pleasure to work with Laura. I really don’t have spare time since my business is based on items I create by hand but Holy Cow Online Marketing has been amazing at working with my timing and lived up to my expectations (and beyond) for quality and customer service! Highly recommended!”
Kristen Kempton, Owner, iheartfink

“The service of Holy Cow Online Marketing is truly exceptional. They not only met, but far exceeded my expectations both in terms of the quality of the results that I was looking for, as well as the speed in which they were able to implement solutions to the problems I was presenting them with.

Today, it is virtually impossible for any business to be successful without a proper, well-designed website.

The staff at Holy Cow Online Marketing really “gets it”. They know just what it means to be in business in today’s highly dynamic marketplace, and their quality, thoroughness, and speed reflects this.”

Joshua Schumer, Director, Jayadeva Yoga Schools
“I may be the least educable person in America when it comes to internet skills. Yet my work depends on it anyway. Laura and Larry have patiently helped me many times and the result is today I have a very effective website that is so easy to manage, even I can do it. Highly recommended.”
Burt Cohen, Professor and Former State Senator from NH, The Burt Cohen Show
“Finding a web developer is a daunting task. The field is littered with con artists whose abilities begin and end with talking a good game. Having learned that lesson the hard way multiple times, I’m happy to report that Holy Cow Online Marketing represents the experience of working with a developer exactly as I’d always imagined it to be.

I brought a complex, custom WordPress concept to them. After meticulously examining my requirements, Larry Daniele, the company’s owner and lead developer, provided a detailed estimate, which obviously reflected a careful reading of my needs.

After we agreed to work together, Larry and his team maintained that level of care that was exhibited at the outset throughout the entire development schedule.”

Read Robert’s full review on our Yelp page.

Robert Ballot, Publisher, CTRiverGolf.com
“My company writes LinkedIn profiles for professionals from all over the world. I always preach the importance of a strong and powerful LinkedIn headline. In fact, I had created an ebook that helped people craft a LinkedIn headline through a series of steps. Larry helped me turn this eBook into an actual, functioning app! Larry listened to my needs and turned around a workable app in no time at all. I am beyond happy with the results and look forward to working with Holy Cow Online Marketing on more applications.”
Donna Serdula, President Vision Board Media, LinkedIn Makeover
“I am always pleased and quite impressed with the work and product of Holy Cow Online Marketing. I highly recommend and will continue to refer business to Holy Cow Online Marketing!”
Steve McBride, Artistic Director & President, Valley Forge Chorale
“Working with Larry and Laura @ Holy Cow Online Marketing for years has been great! They are very reliable, responsive and efficient no matter how simple or challenging an issue is on my website. I am so fortunate that Holy Cow Online Marketing is dedicated to helping me have a strong, appealing and user-friendly website for my customers and easy-to-use editing features for me. Larry and Laura are always looking out for my best interests. I am so appreciative of their support and expertise. I would highly recommend Holy Cow Online Marketing to any business.”
Saba Alhadi, Owner, PhotoWalks
“I’m our company’s network administrator; I Called Holy Cow Online Marketing after selecting them from a list of referrals by my hosting provider, Managed. Holy Cow Online Marketing established the scope of my project, provided me a detailed quote, and broke it down by sub-project. They migrated my six-year-old DotNetNuke site from my old hosting provider to PowerDNN, re-skinned the site, provided mobile support, and produced new modules for us. The pricing was more than fair, and they ensured that the invoice matched the quote; a rare thing in the website developer business. I was so happy with the one-time service that they provided that I have decided to stick with for them long-term support. Working with Larry initially, and then Laura has been an absolute dream.”

“Holy Cow Online Marketing was recommended to our company by a former employee for whom they had done his website. Larry and Laura spent considerable time with us going over the possibilities via several Skype sessions. From there we moved into having them do our new website. It was a pleasure working with them. They were always very responsive to our needs and questions as we worked through the new design. Since we went live in July of 2013, they have always been available to assist in tweaking the site or just answering questions that needed answering. I would recommend them to anyone considering a new website. As an added note, the pricing was quite reasonable.”

Al Murrell, Vice President, R.A. Daffer Church Organs, Inc.
“Holy Cow Online Marketing and Laura Healy worked hard to get my website up and running in the time frame that was given and exceeded my expectations. Laura was able to work with me and develop a website that constantly receives praise. Thanks so much!”
Taylor Gallerani, Former Owner, The Town Bike

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