Why Empathetic Marketing is So Effective

Empathetic Marketing

Let’s say you’re at your favorite coffee shop and you run into your good friend Emily. Emily just had her fourth child and is telling you how she needs to buy a new car. She wants a car that will fit her entire family and is affordable, safe, and energy efficient. Rick, overhears Emily say she is in need of a new car but failed to get the entire story. He walks over to you and Emily and tells her that he sells sports cars. He goes on and on about how fast they go, how young she’ll feel driving the sports car, and how all of her friends will envy her. Rick hands Emily a business card and she politely accepts knowing that she is just going to toss it in the recycling bin when she gets home.

Now obviously, there was a disconnect between Emily and Rick. Rick failed to understand why Emily was in need of a new car and just assumed she would want a sports car. Because Rick was missing this valuable information, he could not empathize with her and therefore lost the sale.

Let’s rewind and try again.

Now, let’s say Rick walks over to you and Emily and tells her that he sells Hybrid SUVs. He goes on to tell her how buying an SUV from him won’t break her bank. He assures her that he will personally help her come up with a financial plan that fits her budget. He points out how relaxed and comfortable she will feel while driving with her kids because of the numerous safety tests the SUV has passed. He mentions how environmentally friendly the SUV is and how she’ll save a fortune at the gas station. Emily is intrigued. It’s almost like Rick is reading her mind. Rick hands Emily a business card. She tells him she’ll call him on Monday to set up an appointment.

In this scenario, Rick met all of Emily’s needs: a vehicle that could fit her entire family and was affordable, safe, and energy efficient. Rather than just listing these features, Rick went a step further and empathized with Emily. He made a connection that allowed Emily to build her trust in him and convert that trust into a sale.

Why Knowing Your “Ideal Customer” is Essential

Empathetic Marketing

Once you know exactly who your “ideal customer” is, you can start connecting with them in all of your content. By empathizing with your ideal customer, you show that you understand them. The more people can relate to you, the more they build their trust in you and the more willing they are to buy. Because you understand them and know exactly how to help them, they’ll be much more likely to buy the product or service from you, rather than a different company who only focuses on making the sale.

We can help you understand your ideal customer so you’ll know exactly who you’re speaking to in all of your website content. You’ll know exactly what:

  • Their goals and needs are,
  • Their frustrations and roadblocks are from achieving those goals, and
  • What their pains, worries, and fears are if they never achieve those goals.

When your ideal customer comes to your website, you’ll be speaking exactly to them. They’ll feel as if you’re reading their mind and that you completely understand them. It’s because you are reading their mind and you do understand them!

Why Having a Story is So Powerful

Empathetic Marketing

Having a story is the easiest and most powerful way you can connect with your ideal customer. The point of your story is to write it in a way so that your ideal customer can read it as his or her own story. While they read your story they’ll think “Wow, you’re just like me!”. They’ll be able to relate to you and as a result build their trust in you and your company.

Your story will speak exactly to them by:

  • Empathizing with their frustrations and roadblocks from achieving their goals,
  • Painting the picture of what it feels like to achieve their goals,
  • Empathizing by describing how not too long ago you too were in their exact same shoes,
  • Giving them hope by how you discovered a way to make it all happen, and
  • Letting them know that you can help them get the same results.

This is what sets you apart from your competitors. This is the ultimate marketing tool you need to make your website more effective and help your business prosper. Remember, the more people can relate to you, the more they build their trust in you and the more willing they are to buy.

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