Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Are you worried you’re losing potential customers because your website doesn’t scale down to fit the size of a tablet or smartphone?

As of 2014, a study revealed that adults spend more time on the Internet using their smartphones rather than using their PC1. In fact, a startling 87% of smartphone/tablet owners use their device to shop1 and if your mobile site isn’t working correctly, 46% of those who visited your site will NEVER return again2.

Is your website living in the past?

Now, imagine what would happen if those 46% of potential customers stayed on your site.

Your website worked flawlessly and scaled down perfectly to their smartphone or tablet. Your visitors were impressed and had such a great experience learning about you and your business that they went on to tell their family and friends. As a result your traffic increases, you acquire more potential customers, and you achieve a great reputation. You feel optimistic, confident, and thrilled that your website is helping your business become more successful.

We can help transform your current website into a responsive WordPress website that looks great on all devices and works flawlessly.


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