Website Starter Packages

Starter websites get you going in a hurry.

Your presence on the web is essential. In this digital age, the first thing potential clients do is search for you online. That being said, we’ve heard from our website clients that it can be confusing, time consuming and difficult to get started. So, we’ve made it easy for you to do just that. Let us help you get up and going and showcase what you have to offer.

Four Essential Reasons to Have a Web Presence

  1. Presence – Clients research services and products online. If you’re not there, they won’t find you. But, they will find someone else. Your presence makes you competitive in the information age.
  2. Service – What you have to offer is unique. Websites visually display and communicate who you are and what you’re about. If clients don’t know what you have to offer, you can’t serve them.
  3. Opportunity – When you have a presence online, you create and expand the opportunity to serve others. You create resonance when the information you provide attracts those who are looking for what you’re offering.
  4. Value -What you have to offer is valuable. Your presence online demonstrates your commitment to serve and gives you credibility.

Choose a demo from our Lotus Series

Our Lotus Series website starter packages will get you up and running quickly. The packages includes:

  • New domain registration (e.g. or; annual registration fee separate, see below)
  • Web host setup (monthly hosting fee separate, see below)
  • Email account setup (e.g.
  • WordPress account setup
  • One hour of training on how to add content and update your site

Recurring Costs

Your recurring costs (paid directly to the providers) include:

  • Web hosting (typically less than $10/month)
  • Domain registration fee (usually about $20/year)

These recurring costs are not included as part of the Website Starter Package.

Your new website is fully customizable*

Your starter package includes everything you need to have a web presence. We’re always happy to further customize your site. Some options include:

  • Custom logo or other graphics
  • Customized theme (your colors, fonts, graphics, etc.)
  • Additional features/pages (e.g. photo gallery, store, events calendar and more)
  • Additional training and/or site maintenance

If you have an existing site and would like to use one of our starter packages, we may need to:

  • Update domain (point to your new site)
  • Transfer email accounts (move email accounts from old host to new host)
  • Integrate existing content (beyond what’s included in the starter package)

* Billed at our hourly rate, plus parts.


Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed or There’s No Charge

We take pride in our satisfied clients. If for any reason you are not happy with our work, please let us know in writing within 7 days of when the service was performed. We will either fix the problem to your satisfaction or refund any fees that you have paid for that service.

Rates, policies and guarantee are subject to change. Last updated: January 8, 2019.

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Lotus Series: Website Starter Packages